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Making a fat framework

Recently, I’ve had the joy of working with the Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech SDK. Which works amazingly. Although it has a minor annoyance of different frameworks to be used for the iPhoneSimulator and iPhoneOS architectures. This is an annoyance when switching between device/simulator as you need to swap the framework you’re referencing each time. To go about solving this problem, I decided to create it into a “fat” framework - which was actually pretty simple.

Keeping your secrets out of git

Ever had problems with pesky API keys, or developer-specific configurations making their way to your git upstream and overwriting their default values?

Manage your build settings with xcconfigs

These magical .xcconfig files, what are they exactly?

Apple describes them as follows:

A build configuration file, also known as an xcconfig file, is a plain text file that defines and overrides the build settings for a particular build configuration of a project or target. This type of file can be edited outside of Xcode and integrates well with source control systems. Build configuration files adhere to specific formatting rules, and produce build warnings if they do not.

Multiple configurations

We’re going to take a look at creating multiple configurations for our application, and then using schemes to point at each of the different configurations.

Handling multiple environments in iOS

Most iOS applications need to connect to one or more web services, when developing these applications, you normally need to connect to various different environments for each of these web services as they’re being developed, especially if you’re creating the web service yourself.